The Family Enrichment Weekend

for Families Who have a Child with Autism

by  Chris Curry, M.S.,

Edited by Temple Grandin Ph.D., Ed Helmstetter, Ph.D., Deborah Handy,Ph.D. with articles by Sally Burton Hoyle, Ph.D. & Eustacia Cutler.

The Family Enrichment Weekend model was created by Chris Curry in 1982 and has been implemented by Families Together, Inc in Kansas, Families Together National Capital Region in Maryland, and Families Together for People with Disabilities in the Inland Northwest.   Over 2000 families have participated in Family Enrichment Weekends. The Family Enrichment Weekend uses a unique format  to provide ongoing family support and enhance family functioning.  Families attend a Family Enrichment Weekend and receive ongoing support  to increase family cohesion, restore family balance, and promote resiliency. Eustacia Cutler attended six Family Enrichment Weekends in 2007-2009 and wrote several articles on the benefits of this program for families who have a child with autism.   Ms. Cutler’s  belief in the need for strong families to support children who have autism has become her passion. Dr. Temple Grandin supports her mother’s goal to strengthen families and worked with Chris Curry and other writers to create this manual. We hope that we can bring the Family Enrichment Weekend program to other organizations who wish to replicate this model and provide this important program to families. So please take a few minutes, read about this unique model,  and watch the video below.  See the celebration of family that happens at each Family Enrichment Weekend.

If you would like to conduct a Family Enrichment Weekend for the families you serve, please contact us.  We are available to  provide staff training and ongoing assistance to help you plan and  conduct your first Family Enrichment Weekend.   We are also capable of "taking the Family Enrichment Weekend on the road" and will come to you and conduct the entire event for your organization. For additional information on training and support send an email to Chris Curry or call Chris at  208-596-2777. We also hope you will also take time to visit the Families Together website and learn about other family programs.  

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